Report to the Rutland Town Board
by Jean Hanson with Cindy Bacon and Mark Hanson
March 4, 2003
7 p.m.

In her first presentation before the town board, Jean clarified the relationship between the Friends of the Rutland Center Church and Cemetery Committee and the Town of Rutland.

What the committee will do:

  1. Serve as an advisory group to the Rutland Town Board.
  2. Investigate the church history
  3. Research available grants that might help pay for restoration.
  4. Identify individual tradespeople who might be interested and able to help in restoration.
  5. Recruit and form a "Friends of Rutland Center Church" membership list.
  6. Determine what it might take to acquire the adjoining lot.
  7. Formulate an action plan for review by the town board.
  8. Maintain a website to communicate with committee members, the town board, and other interested parties.

What the committee will not do:

  1. Collect money
  2. Sign contracts
  3. Be obligated to provide labor
  4. Incur financial obligation without board approval.

Jean Hanson, Co-chairperson